Tired of digging to the bottom of your bag to find your cell phone? Rooting be-gone with this one-of-a-kind handbag. With a dual purpose, this beauty can be used as a shoulder bag and a wrist bag with a clear translucent material so you can see all of your items, this beauty is water resistant and is perfect for the pool/beach, gym bag, evening bag, all year around bag fashion bag and kids bag. This water resistant bag Contains vegan croc leather with hard glass plastic. Features a pull on / pull off coated lock with anti-tarnish silver hardware, and key holder for extra style (no key needed). Comes with a removable pad for support.
The removable chain wallet adds pizzaz and extra comfort to hold valuables in safekeeping can also be used as a wrist bag. This bag is made with love from vegan leather, is cruelty free using highly skilled manufacturing techniques, and is easy to wash. Water-resistant and super easy to clean. Comes with a 100% cotton dust bag for simple travel and storage.

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